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Today I interview author Steena Holmes – check out her new release Charmed by Chocolate

Title: Charmed by Chocolate
Series: Love at the Chocolate Shop
Author: Steena Holmes
Release Date: March 2nd, 2017
Publisher: Tule Publishing
Genre: contemporary romance

When Leah ran off to Southern California, she hoped to leave freezing cold winters and unrequited love behind. She was never meant for a small town life and the timing with her longtime best friend–and secret soul mate–was always hopelessly off.
But after a mishap on the hit reality show Charming, Leah declares her love for Wade nationwide and is publicly dubbed “Lonely Leah.” She returns to Marietta to hide at her family’s home–from the media who wants to turn her into a human interest story, from the townspeople upset with her blunder, and most of all, from Wade, who wants to talk.

It took Leah leaving town to wake Wade Burns up to the reality that he’s head over heels in love with his best friend. But now that she’s back home, she’s giving him the cold shoulder. With chocolate and a grand gesture, can Wade charm his way back into Leah’s heart?

The Love at the Chocolate Shop series
Book 1: Melt My Heart, Cowboy by CJ Carmichael
Book 2: A Thankful Heart by Melissa McClone
Book 3: Montana Secret Santa by Debra Salonen
Book 4: The Chocolate Cure by Roxanne Snopek
Book 5: The Valentine Quest by Melissa McClone
Book 6: Charmed by Chocolate by Steena Homes
More coming soon

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Say Hello to author Steena Holmes!

Steena Holmes is a NY Times & USA Today author with a passion for traveling and telling stories that hit your heart. With over 1 million copies sold, she’s not satisfied with her stories until they evoke an emotional response – mainly, to make you cry. As a hybrid author, she believes she has the best of both worlds when it comes to making her stories available to readers and her main goal is to make an impressionable connection with her readers – and if that involves traveling the world on the hunt for some good chocolate and the best coffeeshops…she’s all for it.

Website | Travel Site | Instagram Author/Travel | Twitter | Facebook | Facebook Reader Group

What are you reading right now?

I’m reading the Belador series right now by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love and I’m sucked in. I need to read different genres than what I’m writing (and I’m writing 2 different genres right now) so this has been perfect.

If you’re a TV watcher, what are you addicted to?

Just one? There are so many shows I’m addicted to. Grimm. Vampire Diaries. Supernatural. How to get away with Murder. This is Us. Criminal Minds. Blindspot…I tape them all, watch one in the morning with my coffee and then start writing. I have to be disciplined some mornings to not watch ‘another’ episode.

What’s a hobby you have that’s got nothing to do with books?

Photography is something I’m really trying to improve on. I love #bookstagram on Instagram and have been trying to take my own photos to include on there. Plus I LOVE to travel (I’m a bit of a travelholic) and I’m always trying to take better photos of my trips.

What’s your favorite reading/writing snack?

Right now it’s Smartfood Popcorn Indulgence – the Chocolate and Caramel flavor. O.M.G. it’s so good – not overly sweet and could eat the whole bag in one sitting…

What is your favorite season?

I love late spring or mid fall when I can wear sweaters and scarves all day long. There’s nothing I enjoy more than going for a walk with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa in hand and not being worried about freezing or the sweat dripping down my back…lol

What are you working on now?

I’m working on two stories at the moment. One is a suspenseful family drama and the other is my second sweet romance in the Love at the Chocolate Shop book series (comes out in August).

Coffee, Wine or something else?

Coffee. Always coffee. I’m a bit of an addict (if you follow me on Instagram you probably notice this). I also love hot cocoa – especially if I’m in Paris or during the winter.

What kind of writer are you when beginning a new story – pantster, planner or something entirely different?

Total panster – that’s my comfort zone. But, after working with my publisher on several books now, I’m learning to do a simple outline for the chapters. This outline is very fluid and I don’t always follow it … but I find it helps.

Do you find a certain time of day to be better for writing for you and why?

For me, I seem to have more clarity with my words in the evenings – they flow faster than during the day. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent all day thinking about my scene or maybe it’s because by the evening my brain is ready to shut down and the story no longer has to fight for prominence over all the other things I need to deal with as a mom with three teenagers who all lead very busy lives.

If given the ability to buy any 5 books right now, which ones would you choose?

Oh…good question! I just bought half a dozen books so how about I give you that list (a few are preorders because I love these authors)?

  1. The Orphan Train by Pam Jenoff
  2. Silent Child by Sarah A. Denzil
  3. Sweet Lake by Christine Nolfi
  4. Sweet Seduction by Daire St Denis
  5. Bitter Roots by CJ Carmichael

Thank you, Steena, for allowing me to feature you and your fabulous new release Charmed by Chocolate. This whole series is fabulous and the covers are to die for! Chocolate carmel popcorn… oh my!

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