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Book Tour featuring Karen Clarke & her new book The Beachside Sweet Shop

Title: The Beachside Sweet Shop
Author: Karen Clarke
Release Date: March 2nd, 2017
Publisher: Bookouture
Genre: romantic comedy

Chocolate fudge, butterscotch and raspberry bonbons… treat yourself to some sugary treats, a big slice of friendship and a sprinkling of romance at The Beachside Sweet Shop.

When Marnie Appleton inherited a sweet shop from her grandfather she was determined to do his legacy proud. The shop has been a much-loved feature of the little seaside town of Shipley for years, but now Marnie needs to bring it up to date, and she’s recruited gorgeous new assistant Josh to help.

Marnie gets busy redecorating the shop and choosing delicious new sweets to stock, but things are never that simple: new neighbour Isobel, a fame-hungry blogger, is on a crusade against sugar, and she’ll go to any lengths to secure bad publicity for Marnie’s shop.

Marnie fights back with homemade sugar-free treats, but with her best friend Beth heavily pregnant, her grandmother Celia recovering from an operation, and her very recently ex-boyfriend Alex returning to Shipley with a new love, Marnie has a lot on her plate.

And then there’s Josh, with whom Marnie is struggling to keep her relationship strictly professional…Will both the sweet shop and love flourish?

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Say Hello to author Karen Clarke!

Karen lives in Buckinghamshire in the UK with her husband and three grown-up children where she writes romantic comedy novels (also known as chick lit) and short stories for women’s magazines.

Over the years she’s worked as a secretary/bookkeeper, a wedding photographer, a pub manager, in a supermarket, a newsagent’s, and a library – all good for story ideas.

She now writes full-time, and when she’s not writing she reads a lot, enjoys walking – which is good for plot-wrangling and ideas – and baking and eating cakes.

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Tell me what made you want to become a writer?

It stemmed from my love of reading, at an early. I just loved words, and wanted to write my own.

What are you reading right now?

I’ve just finished Sophie Kinsella’s new book, My Not-so-Perfect Life, which I loved, and have started a darker story called The Breakdown by B A Paris, which is keeping me awake at nights (in a good way!)

If you’re a TV watcher, what are you addicted to?

I love all kinds of TV, and am currently addicted to Frequency on Netflix, The Path on Amazon Prime, and my daughter and I are awaiting the return of Shades of Blue, starring J-Lo.

What’s a hobby you have that’s got nothing to do with books?

Photography. I used to photograph weddings, years ago, but stick to family and landscapes now – less stressful!

What is your favorite season?

Summer, for sure. I crave sunshine in winter, and don’t like the cold. I complain a lot about the weather at this time of year.

Tell me your favorite part of the writing process?

I love editing (revisions) I like the idea I’m (hopefully) making my book better.

Now the writing process you hate the most?

Staring at that first blank page, knowing I’ve got around 90,000 words to write.

 Do you have a favorite writing spot that you get the most done?

I get distracted at home, so tend to frequent coffee shops during the week. Friends know to buy me gift-cards for Costa Coffee for my birthday.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on the third book in my Beachside series, which is set at Christmas, so I’m trying to get in the mood. Not too difficult as it’s cold here at the moment, and snow is forecast.

Coffee, Wine or something else?

I don’t drink alcohol or coffee, so it’s decaf tea for me.

What type of scenes are your favorite to write?

The ones I hope will make readers laugh.

What kind of writer are you when beginning a new story – pantster, planner or something entirely different?

I write a rough outline of the story to guide me, then let myself be surprised along the way.

What’s been your favorite line in a review of one of your books?

The best line I’ve read is, ‘I simply loved everything about this book and I urge everyone to read it.’ (from Goodreads.) I really couldn’t ask for more that!

We all know authors shouldn’t read reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, do you?

I do read reviews, and am so grateful for the good ones. It makes writing my books worthwhile.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

I like Facebook, as it’s mostly friendly and supportive, and I still love to blog, but not as much as I used to. I can’t get to grips with Twitter – it’s like gate-crashing a party I haven’t been invited to!

What was the last movie you saw in the theater and what you thought of it?

I saw Bridget Jones’s Baby, because some of it was filmed opposite my house, but found it disappointing.

Do you have a book you read as a child or teen that has stuck with you through adulthood?

Adrian Mole by Sue Townsend. It was the first time a book had made me laugh out loud.

You get to have lunch with anyone from the past, who do you choose and why?

It would have to be Agatha Christie. Apart from her writing, I’d love to talk about her staged disappearance, and whether she really had amnesia.

I’m so excited to be a part of another Bookouture Book Tour! Check out all the post on this fabulous tour.

Thank you, Karen, & Kim @ Bookouture for allowing me to participate in this new release tour for The Beachside Sweet Shop at For the Love of Chick Lit. The cover is so cute! How interesting that Bridgette Jone’s Baby was filmed near you. Honestly, I didn’t even go see it as I felt they waited too long.

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