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    #BookTour – Click. Date. Repeat. by K.J. Farnham

    Title: Click. Date. Repeat. Again
    Series: Click. Date. Repeat. Series
    Author: K.J. Farnham
    Release Date: April 19th, 2017
    Genre: women’s fiction
    Tour Dates: April 19th – 23rd, 2017

    Never in her wildest dreams would Jess Mason ever imagine herself being a part of the online dating hype. Yet here she is smack-dab in the middle of it all. And she’s dated her fair share of online crazies to be a new connoisseur of all the weirdos out in the cyber world. After a slew of bad dates and pussy (cat that is) pictures, Jess knows that she needs to finally commit to something—or someone. And suddenly there he is, a man she can actually imagine herself with.

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    Cover Reveal – A Bake Off in Cornwall by author Laura Briggs

    Title: A Bake Off in Cornwall
    Author: Laura Briggs
    Release Date: May 18th, 2017
    Genre: Chick Lit

    Baking fever is sweeping through Cornwall this summer, and with the announcement that Cliffs House is hosting a popular baking contest, Julianne and her friends couldn’t be more excited— until Dinah announces that she’s one of the chosen contestants! Julianne promises herself to do everything possible to support her friend in the face of stiff competition … and two extremely competitive international judges…all while learning a few lessons in the kitchen under the oh-so-close tutelage of Matthew himself.

    With love as the secret ingredient, and sparks flying from more than the contestants’ caramelizing torches, Book Five in the bestselling Cornwall series is a recipe for summer romance!

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    Today I feature author Tracy Krimmer.

    Title: Landing Luck
    Author: Tracy Krimmer
    Release Date: March 8th, 2017
    Genre: Holiday Romantic Comedy

    Humiliation follows Aida Wilde wherever she goes. When her opportunity to prove herself at work goes awry, she’s certain her entire future is doomed.

    Wes Luedeke seems to have it all as CEO of his own company. But it can be lonely at the top.

    Can down on her luck Aida help Wes find his way to happiness? And will outgoing Wes teach Aida to own her embarrassing situations?

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    The last time I went sledding I was in the fifth grade. Once I hit middle school, I labeled myself too cool for sledding. That was something the little kids, the babies, did. I traded my sled for roller skates and spent most of my time at Skate-O-Rama trying to get Max Davidson to skate with me during the slow skate. I waited for “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” to be played by the DJ, and Heidi and our friend Carrie tried their best to push me to ask Max to skate. They threatened to do it for me but never did. By the time I built up the nerve to ask him, Tabitha Rivers beat me to it.

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    Today I feature author Monique McDonell

    Title: Any Way You Build It
    Series: Upper Crust Series
    Author: Monique McDonell
    Release Date: March 31st, 2017
    Genre: Romantic Comedy

    When single-mother Sarah pulls up in front of the house her aunt left her she has three goals; help her kids be happy and healthy, find a job and stay away from men. The last year has been a hellish rollerc-oaster and now she needs to create a stable life where everyone, including her, has their two-feet firmly planted on the ground. What she didn’t count on was a sexy neighbour who made keeping her focus and her balance way too hard.

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    Today I feature author C.J. Spammer

    Title: Misled
    Author: C.J. Spammer
    Release Date: Feb 14th, 2017
    Genre: Women’s Fiction

    A chance encounter between Sara and her ex-boyfriend, Justin, whom she hasn’t seen in four years, sends her into an emotional tailspin.

    As she struggles with her thoughts and emotions after seeing Justin, the reader is taken on a nostalgic rollercoaster ride back to when Sara – an eighteen year old art student working at a restaurant – first meets Justin.

    In the past, we follow the beginning of their 4-year relationship, and its ultimate demise. Meanwhile, in the present, Sara must wrestle with long-kept secrets – secrets that have haunted her for years – and the guilt that accompanies them.

    Although the story is often dark, touching on some serious issues, there are many lighter moments with sprinklings of humour and warmth.

    “The unexpected ending to this story will leave you reeling and wanting more.”

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