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These are virtual book tours... stop packing that bag cause you are not going anywhere.

I don't double book tours so if you're thinking about a tour during your release I would book it early to guarantee your spot.

Please make sure you book tours a minimum of 4-6 weeks before the date of your tour. Reviewers need time to read the book and time to sign-up for the tour.

I'm in the USA but you can live anywhere you please and use my services.

I try to get as many hosts signed up for your tour but sometimes people just aren't biting. I can't guarantee a certain average but I can guarantee a minimum that will be signed up.
5-day tours have a minimum of 6 hosts.
7-day tours have a minimum of 8 hosts.

Book Review (on bloggers blog, amazon & Goodreads)
Author Guest Post (3 max on each tour so be thinking of these when you book)
Author Interview (3 max on each tour so be thinking of these when you book)
Book Excerpt/Feature Post (book excerpt plus all the book and author info)
Spotlight/Promo Post (book and author info)

Of course, I can customize this if you want, add or take things away. Keep in mind that I may get 15 signed up for your tour but they won't all be reviews. I try to get as many reviews as possible but I'm at the mercy of what my hosts want to do.

Each tour will have a completely custom sign-up page similar to this one HERE.
If you can send me a high-quality book cover image I will do my best to incorporate it into the backgrounds of the graphics. If you know the font used on the cover, even better.

Any images I make for your tour will be available for you as well.

I can customize tours based on what you need for your release don't hesitate to make requests.

Tours are paid for in advance. They are SO much work with even just the graphics. If I don't think your tour will do well with my readers I will tell you that BEFORE we finalize anything, so you'll never be out money.

All billing is done through Square Invoicing - it's secure, you don't need an account and it's user-friendly for both of us. I will not bill with anything other than this.

A Giveaway - Giveaways are an option and do bring in more eyes. You are responsible for the prize but I will set it up through rafflecopter.
Promotional Package - promo packages are $120 but if you add a tour to one I discount the tour by $20. To find out more about this (or if you want to order the promo & tour) go to my Promo Pkg order page HERE.

-High-quality book cover image (with font names if you know them)

-book blurb
- buy or preorder links (if available)
-High-quality author photo
-author bio
-author social media links - including website (if you have one)
- 1-3 book excerpts - 500-1500 words each (they can be different or you can use chapter 1)
-I will offer 3 bloggers guest posts that you will need to write (500-1000 words about anything or what signed up bloggers requests for a topic)
-I will offer 3 bloggers author interviews - (questions will come from blogger through me at least 2 weeks prior to the tour)

Ok... now that we are done with the details, on with the ordering!
(if for any reason the form isn't working or you'd rather just email me - you can reach me at - please title your email 'Book Tour Request')

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