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Do you love to review books?

Hello, readers!

I’ve become swamped busy over the last few months with kids, household duties, my businesses and my own writing. I’ve not had much time to review books. There are so many readers out there that I thought I’d give a few of you a chance to become a guest reviewer/blogger.

Here are the Specs:

-This is a FREE position. Your payment will be in the form of free books to read and review.
-You will NOT have access to my blog/social media but instead, will be sending me word docs of your reviews/post ideas.
-Books for review will likely be in eBook form. So, an eReader device/app will be needed.
-I need someone who isn’t all drama online. I can’t have a reviewer picking fights and bad mouthing other authors/bloggers. That doesn’t portray me or my blog at all.
-I need you to be dependable! If you agree to review, I’ve told the author that and they’re depending on your timely review.

-I am not looking for someone to ‘mimic’ my review style but I do have an ‘outline’ of what I post. If you’ve never read my reviews I suggest you start there for more info.
-I need you to be trustworthy! Books from authors are NOT to be shared, uploaded to websites or leave you possession at all.
-You should be active on social media. I’m gonna check. I don’t expect you to have 5k followers but a good following does help.
-I’m in the USA if you’re not that’s OK but let me know.
-Have a personality! There is nothing worse than reading a drab book review. Your review should without a doubt tell someone whether you loved the book, thought it was just OK or if you hated it!
-Can you read 1-2 books a month for me and send your review over in word?

Think this position is for you? I hope so! I can’t wait to ‘meet’  you.
The form below is for applicants serious about the position. Best of Luck!


This spot will be opened for 2 weeks.
After that, I will read through the applicants and pick my top 5.
Each of the top 5 will get an email from me with further info until I narrow it down to the top 2 or 3 guest blogger/reviewers accepted.


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