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Let's Talk About… Book Tours

Book Blog Tours – there is a lot of chatter about these.
Are they worth it?  Yeah!
Should you pay for them or do it yourself?  Either.
Will it up my sales?  Not likely.
Do I need one? Nobody NEEDS one but is extra buzz about your book ever bad?

With those answered let’s talk about what they are and how to do it.

What is a Virtual Book Blog Tour?

A Book Blog Tour is the new virtual way an author goes on ‘tour’ with their book.  Let’s face it, bookstores today are likely to laugh if you ask to go on a tour and you’re not on the NY Best Sellers List.  They just don’t have an audience for you, yet.  Online though, there is always an audience.  There are always readers, bloggers and reviewers just waiting to pounce on your book and tell the whole world about whether they love it or hate it.

This can be good and bad.  Bloggers love to review books.  Many work with publishers and agents to be a part of new release tours.  Many work with Tour companies to promote their authors and books on tour.  Many end up being a part of a tour without even realizing it because the author or publicist put it together themselves, without the word ‘tour’.  Basically if your book is rounding the blog world, you’re on tour, whether you’re officially calling it that or not.

When an author goes on a ‘Book Blog Tour’ it just means that multiple blogs are featuring, reviewing and promoting their book during a set amount of time.  Sometimes it’s a week and sometimes it’s a month.  But during that time many online sites will feature said book/author.

How can I have one?  Do I have to pay for it?

Of course you don’t have to pay for one.  No one makes you go buy a coffee at Starbucks on your way to work but it’s easier than (and tastier) than making one at home.  You drive up, give your order, pay $20 $6 bucks and drive away with a perfectly blended lite soy white chocolate raspberry mocha that tastes like heaven and all you had to do was sign the receipt.

The same goes for Blog Tours.  No one has to pay for one.  But it’s easier on you when you do.  Tour companies have a system, a list of tour hosts and the following to potentially make your tour successful with many participants.  Really, what you’re paying for when buying a blog tour is not the reviews or the participants, you’re paying for the organization, contacts and information that they’ve worked hard at making over their course of blogging.

There are a lot of blog tour companies to choose from (me included).  Each company is different than the next.  Different prices, different contacts, followers and genre specialties.  I can’t tell you that you should use a specific company because there are so many with different features that it really just depends on your book, your expectations and your readers.

I suggest talking to your author friends, readers and doing a search to find the best company for you.

Can I do it myself?

Sure!  I know some people right now are saying ‘what is she doing she’s taking business away from us and herself’ but I’m not.  I’m an honest kind of gal and I believe if you wanted to do this yourself you absolutely could.  It’ll take some time and a lot of emailing and planning but you can plan your own blog tour and save yourself some money.

Pick a tour date – a week, two weeks a month, however long you want.

Email bloggers who you think would be a great fit and see if they’re available to post or review.  Try for at least 1 – 2 bloggers a day during your tour.

Offer them a free copy of your ebook for review.  Make sure you’re giving them enough time to read and review otherwise they’ll likely pass.  I’ve found 4-8 weeks is often an adequate amount of time to expect a participant to say yes to your tour.

Keep a spreadsheet of who’s been asked and their responses.

Make sure you are sending them all the info they need – covers, bios, links, all that good stuff.

Include a Giveaway as a part of your tour… a book, an ebook or anything really.  Readers flock to Giveaways.  Require they follow you on social media as an entry and voila… more potential readers to chat at on the Twitter or wherever.

Offer to let bloggers do posts other than reviews.  Not everyone can fit another book into their growing TBR list.  Offer author interviews, giveaways, guest posts and excerpts as well.

Basically creating your blog tour just takes time, organization and patience.

Will a Blog Tour increase my sales?

no, No, and NO!
It probably won’t increase your sales.  Blog tours aren’t meant to make you a best seller or make you money.  They are meant to get your book into the eyes of the right readers and create a buzz about you as an author and your book.  The more bloggers you have posting about your book the more people who can possibly find it and later buy it.

A Blog Tour is just about getting buzz, reviews and promotions about you and your book.  It’s a tool, not a guarantee to find the right readers and audience.

My conclusion:

No, you don’t NEED a book tour.  However, I think they’re worth it.  I love seeing my hosts excited to post during a blog tour. Their excitement leads to general excitement of potential new readers for the book we’re promoting.  I absolutely love seeing people gush over an author or book that I’m helping promote.  That’s my goal.

Do I make a lot of money doing Blog Tours?

No, I don’t.  In fact I don’t make much at all but, that’s OK.  For me it’s not all about making enough money to buy all the books on the planet (although money is always a nice perk).  It’s about supporting and helping out the authors I love so much, succeed.  One day, I’ll be in their shoes and you know what, karma is real and I’d like to keep it on my side.

I love my little Book Tour Company and would love to help you on your book tour.  You can find more info about it here but don’t forget to check out all your options.  I might not be right for you and your book and that’s OK.

Do you own a book tour company?  Leave a comment below.
Do you have tips or suggestions that I didn’t include?  Comment below.

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    This makes perfect sense! Very helpful, too. 🙂 I guess blog tours were just really confusing to me before. Thanks. 😀

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