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Guest Post & Giveaway by author Victoria Browne

I’m excited to bring you a guest post & giveaway by the lovely Victoria Browne.

I would like to start by saying happy first blogiversary to Hello Chick Lit and its founder Aimee. I love the Hello Chick Lit web site and all the lovely blogs and author post that feature there.

Now that Hello Chick Lit is all grown up and with that in mind, I thought I would share a memory about the day I left home for the first time.

It is a flash of a memory, like a clip of a passed dream. I am standing on the door step of the house I grow up in. I am looking out toward my old blue ford fiesta parked on the pavement, full with the entirety of my bedroom. Faded red and yellow bricks that made up the wide driveway stretch out in front of me. I cannot remember exactly how hot it was that day, but I can remember I was wearing a T-shirt so it must have been a nice and warm. I held a largish gold framed photo of my family rapped in my arms, pressed into my chest like a shield. The photo was of me, my mum, dad, and brother, all posing for a professional photo at a black tie ball. Suddenly whilst standing on the doorstep I felt my brother’s arms wrap round me from behind. It was a quick awaked embrace. We had, like many other siblings, drifted away from each other as we grew older, like two untied rowing boats on a lake. I was quite immature as a young adult, naïve and easily influenced. However, I was also just like every other 19-year-old, I thought I knew best. I didn’t feel sad that day, I didn’t feel excited either, but that quick awkward embrace from my big brother told me no matter how far our boats had drifted apart they were still floating on the same lake and always would.

Looking back now as an adult I can see it from my brother’s eyes. His little sister was leaving home with her no good for nothing boyfriend. I can now see how worried he must have been for me. I’m glad he hugged me that day. I held onto that quick awaked embrace knowing I would always have my big brother standing behind me.

I wrote this memory in a note book when I was twenty-five. I find the key to writing a good memory is TIME. For me, memories written directly after an event are not as special as the memories written after a few years have passed- when images have faded slightly, a bit like a photo with a vintage filter over the top. Only the important images remain in your mind sounded by beautiful feelings from the event, good or bad.

They say life is not a dress rehearsal. But I say, it can be a first draft.


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About the Author:


Victoria Browne


Victoria was born and raised in south London and now lives in California. Victoria left school and qualified as a dental nurse, she worked in Harley Street London before moving into the world of real estate. During this time she qualified as a mortgage broker and eventually opened her own real estate agency which she sold in 2012 and published her first novel ‘Gut Feeling.’

With a great deal of determination due to dyslexia Victoria progressed to where she is today, living in Santa Monica, with her Husband and cat Poppy. Victoria enjoys reading Sophie kinsella, Cecelia Ahern, Danielle Steel, Sebastian Faulks, J K Rowling / Robert Galbraith, to name a few.

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