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For Authors

I’m so excited to potentially feature or work with you! If you’re looking for free services (book review, author feature post, etc) or paid services (book tours, graphics, promotional services, etc) you’ve come to the right place!

For all requests & orders, you will receive an automated email to let you know that I’ve received your message safely in my inbox. I will respond within 72 business hours of receiving your request and/or order.

Authors who become repeat clients will receive a 10% discount on all services ordered.

Happy browsing!

Do you have a book release coming soon or a book that is less than 3 months old? I’d love to feature you. I do have genre preferences and any requests outside of those will be deleted (sorry, I just don’t have the readers for them).

Please allow 72 hours for a response from me. Right now I am booked into April so if your release is April-June, I’d book now to secure your spot.

Each of the images below briefly explain what your options are on For the Love of Chick Lit. When you’re ready to request just click the button below what you’re interested in OR email me at – I can’t wait to hear from you!

(yes you can do multiple things at once!) - to request please click the image called 'request a feature' at the bottom of this section - or email me at

Need help promoting your new release? I can do that! I’ve been doing book tours for well over a year now and have worked with dozens of authors.

Each of the images below briefly explains what services I offer for authors.  When you are ready to order just click on the service you're requesting and it will take you to a form that will come directly to me. Once I've received the form you will get an email letting you know it arrived safely. Expect to hear from my within 72 hours.

-Please only request services if your book genre meets my accepted genres (top image in free services)
-All services are invoiced with Square Invoicing, it’s free, secure and much more user-friendly than other services.
-Authors from any country are welcome to use my services. Most of my services require a payment in full up front.
-While I can’t guarantee a specific number of hosts for tour participation, I will guarantee my minimum.  6 for five-day tours and 8 for seven-day tours.
-Promotional packages are a 1-time package that will be complete within 72 hours of payment received (unless a tour is added, then I will obviously finish the tour).
-Author websites take 1 week to set-up, *if* all the info I need has been received. Additional site/domain prices will be added to the above price. I will update once a month for 6 months, anything additional to that will be $15 per update.
-If you are ordering custom graphics and have a specific design, please let me know IN detail, providing samples helps too.
-If you want samples of graphics I can make - everything you see on this site (besides book cover & photos of people) I've made.
-I reserve the right to deny services as I see fit.
-I provide an honest service, from my home. Please expect contact to be during business hours 9a.m.-5p.m. MST (mountain standard time).
-I have many references, if you need references, please let me know.

Now... onto the paid services. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions at

To order one of the services above please click on the image that will take you to a page with details on the service and a form to order. Payment is not made through the form but through an invoice I send over once we've discussed your choice.


Thank you so much for checking out my site and author services. I hope to receive your request or order soon.

If you didn't find what you were looking for please send me an email at and let me know. I'm always up for customer orders from awesome authors.

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