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#BookTour – Lost and Found by author Danielle Ryan

Title: Lost and Found
Author: Danielle Ryan
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Release Date: April 1st, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Can true love prevail when the real and online worlds collide?

Perfect for the fans of Miranda Dickenson and Paige Toon.

Melissa Riva works in Milan as a university researcher. After buying an iPad at auction, she finds it contains files belonging to its previous owner.

Fascinated by the beautiful photographs of romantic landscapes and views of the city, she starts her search for the previous owner. Locating him through Facebook, Melissa can’t resist contacting him.

Melissa and Riccardo begin chatting online. Both of them becoming increasingly dependent on this strange relationship, though acutely aware that it’s only likely to remain a virtual one.

But when real life bursts in on their digital world, they can’t resist revealing their true feelings…

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This is the first book of Danielle’s I’ve read and it was great. It’s written in an interesting style that at first confused me, until I realized I wasn’t completely crazy and Melissa (the main character) really was. It’s written from both Melissa’s and Riccardo’s point of view, which is fun to see both sides of it.

The names in the book are fabulous and so unique! Names you don’t normally read. I love when authors think outside the box and try to make the story really different from every other book you read. This book has that quality in many ways. From the characters to the way it’s written, you’ll enjoy that it’s not like every other book you’ve read this week.

The first chapter felt a little rushed to me. Once I got into Riccardo’s chapter though I realized that ‘rushed’ is really just Melissa’s character. Great job on writing her to Danielle.

One thing I really liked about this book is it’s centering on social media/the iPad. It’s such a great representation of our world today and how someone might react to finding someone’s iPad. It made the story feel very real, which as you all know is something I love.

It’s a quick read and I had no problem ignoring my family for the few hours it took me to get through this book.

-Melissa and her quick thinking overacting mind. That’s life at times and I really liked reading her viewpoint.

-The emails! I loved this. So much of our conversations are done through texting and emails now that this part of the story really was fun to see. It’s like snooping through someone else’s email account!

-The first chapter felt a bit rushed to me, but I found when reaching chapter two that it was necessary to lay out Melissa’s character.

Yes! In fact I can’t wait to read anything Danielle writes. I always love finding new fabulous authors and this one is going on my ‘to read’ list with each release.

Grab it, and read it. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did!

Say Hello to author Danielle Ryan!

Danielle Ryan was born in Como, Italy and has a degree in both Economics and Communication Sciences. She writes with a passion and devotes every free minute of her day to her work. Danielle is a bestselling author in Italy. Her debut novel Finding You reached no. 1 on Italian Amazon.

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Don’t miss a single stop on this fabulous book tour!

Thank you, Danielle & Yasemin of Aria/Head of Zeus, for allowing me to read and review this book as well as be a part of this fabulous tour!


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