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Book Tour – Holding Out for a Hero


Happy Tour Week to Victoria Van Tiem, author of Holding Out for a Hero.

Holding Out for a Hero
By author – Victoria Van Tiem

My Review:

Libby is stuck in the eighties, big hair, a case full of aquanet, she loves 80’s music and she even runs a vintage 80’s shop.  You could say it’s her favorite era that she’s having a hard time moving on from.  Her friends aren’t that impressed and decide it’s time for her to come out of her slump and move into the present decade.  It isn’t always so easy though.

Libby feel hopeless in life despite her friends setting her up with many promising men.  She is just kind of loafing through life, feeling sorry for herself and not seeing a way that she can come out of it, despite what he friends keep telling her.  She’s a little self centered but depression does that sometimes.  Part way through the book though she starts to come out of it, seeing a sparkle of light at the end of the depression tunnel.

I gave this book 4 coffees.
Untitled design (7)

This book is a quick, great read but it does deal with some heavy emotions and depression but also laughter and fun.  But because of that I think it makes it very true to life.  Humans go through depression, we do and even though it’s not a fun time in life, it’s part of who we are and I actually enjoyed following Libby on her journey.  Life takes you on a journey with great times and bad times.  Well done Victoria on capturing all of this within this book.

There are a lot of 80’s references and Libby heads down the road to happiness but in-between there are some hard times.  Victoria is a great writer and does a good job keeping your attention.  The characters are great and I saw some real character growth throughout the book.

What I Loved:

-The 80’s references… who doesn’t love the 80’s?
-The realness of life this book portrays is outstanding.  I laughed, I cried and I rooted for Libby.
-Her friends!  I loved how they all interacted and I felt like they really kept the book the book lighthearted.
-The setting is New York!  I always love books set in NY.

What I didn’t Love:

-It was a little heavy hearted at times but it was a part of the story and necessary.

What I thought of the Cover:

-I LOVE this cover… such a great look.  I’d definitely grab it off the shelf and give the blurb a read.

My Conclusion:

While this book isn’t the light hearted chick lit that Victoria’s first book was it’s still a fabulously written book with a realness to it that is life.  I love that this book brings out all of the emotions one can have when reading.  I just wanted to see Libby be happy, healthy and in the current year (even though I love the 80’s).

If you’re a fan of Victoria you won’t be disappointed with this book, but be ready to have all the feels while reading it.

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About the Author:

Victoria Van Tiem


Victoria Van Tiem (pronounced ‘team’) is an international author of romantic comedy and dramedy novels, a former gallery owner and creative director with a background in brand development. She lives just outside of Indianapolis on a small hobby farm with her husband and two teenage boys.

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