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Book Review – I review Anna Bell’s – The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even

Title: The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even
Author: Anna Bell
Release Date: January 26th, 2017
Publisher: Bonnier Zaffre
Genre: chick lit

When Lexi’s sport-mad boyfriend Will skips her friend’s wedding to watch football – after pretending to have food poisoning – it might just be the final whistle for their relationship.

But fed up of just getting mad, Lexi decides to even the score. And, when a couple of lost tickets and an ‘accidentally’ broken television lead to them spending extra time together, she’s delighted to realise that revenge might be the best thing that’s happened to their relationship.

And if her clever acts of sabotage prove to be a popular subject for her blog, what harm can that do? It’s not as if he’ll ever find out . . .

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I’m so thankful that the publisher offered me this book to review! I loved it. This is the first Anna Bell book I’ve read and I’m now a huge fan. At first, I was a tad worried it would be too ‘sporty’ for me. I’m married to a guy whom I’ve only ever seen watch maybe a couple 5-minute sports clips. Never in his life has he even attempted to watch an entire game of anything, he’s just not into it. But, that said… I grew up with a father who often had screaming matches with the umpires of my softball games, it didn’t help that he was my coach. When we were home the sounds of Sunday games are a fond memory of my childhood… his screaming at the TV… not so much. So, in a way, I could relate to Lexi’s issues even though I’ve never had a husband quite like Will. (thank goodness)

There were a lot of smaller storylines within the overall story that was fun too. The writing group with Cara… or even just Cara! She was one of my favorite characters! Nothing like mixing an erotic author with a thriller/chick lit author in a writing group. Lexi’s job and the characters at work added a lot to the story. The blog and mostly, the revenge. Even though revenge seemed like the wrong word because Will still seemed happy overall with how things ended up he just didn’t quite know it until Lexi showed it to him. (like men do) And lastly, Lexi’s parents. Gotta love the ever intrusive mother in the story. lol

How could you be mad at a girl for wanting more quality time with her 7-year, not yet a fiance, boyfriend?

-I was never quite sure what direction the story was taking and that is something I always love in a book. Will Lexi succeed, will she get caught, will she have a happy ending and if so, with who? Well done, Anna, on keeping me in suspense until quite literally almost the last chapter.

-Lexi was such a great main character. I liked her, even when she was at her worst. She was fun, funny and someone any girl would like to hang out with. She had a lot of growth throughout the story, growth from within, which is always a great thing to see in a book.

-Will – I wanted to hate him and at times I did but the further I got into the story the more I liked him and the more I wanted him to be her happy ending. Was he? You’ll have to read and find out!

-Robin, while I hated his name (sorry) when he appeared to be the perfect gentleman I knew something could be up… or was he going to become a bigger part of the story? His ability to say the right thing at the right time made me question his motives at times but he was just so likable!

-Cara. I loved Cara. There is nothing quite like the girl who always gives you way too much information about her personal life. I couldn’t decide if it was a front or if she really was a good girl gone dirty. She had morals, just not in the sex department. It would be fun to read a story based on Cara’s character.

-That it ended! I truly hope there is a sequel. Maybe, about what happens next with Lexi. Or maybe another book based on Cara or even Vanessa. I just feel like there is so much more story in all these girls! (*hint *hint) lol.

YES! For sure, if you love chick lit you will love this book. It reminded me of something Sophie Kinsella herself would have written. I’ve got it in the rainbow lineup on my desk (photo below) where I add books I loved or books on deck to read. I’m on my way to Amazon now to buy up all the Anna Bell books… you should too!

Say Hello to author Anna Bell!

Anna Bell currently writes the weekly column ‘The Secret Dreamworld of An Aspiring Author’ on the website Novelicious ( and reviews modern women’s fiction for the website the Chicklit Club ( She is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writer’s Scheme.

Anna works as a museum curator and lives by the sea with her husband and Labrador. Millie and the American Wedding is her debut novel.

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Thank you, Anna & Emily @ Bonnier Zaffre, for allowing me to read and review The Good Girlfriends Guide to Getting Even on For the Love of Chick Lit. I obviously loved it and can’t wait for another installment (pretty, please?)

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