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Book Review – Love Connection by Camilla Isley

51prwdkt67lLove Connection
By author Camilla Isley

My Review:

This is the 3rd book of Camilla’s I’ve fallen in love with! Love Connection is a book written from the aspect of 2 different decisions main character Gemma could make. Does she crash her ex-boyfriend Jake’s wedding and try to steal the groom? Or does she announce her best friend’s, Amelia fiance is cheating on her at Amelia’s wedding? She does both and each chapter follows each decision she could have made right down to how it would have ended up anyways.

It reminded me of the movie Sliding Doors but BETTER! I actually didn’t love that movie but I feel I would had the storyline been this one.

The characters are fabulous, Amelia and Gemma are best friends and truly do act like best friends do. There is heartbreak, laugh out loud moments, and sheer romance all through the book. Honestly I couldn’t decide which side of the story I loved more, they were both so great and so what we all wonder with the ‘what if’s’.

I didn’t expect the story to be written like this. Honestly, when Camilla asked me to review I just automatically said yes because I’ve loved everything she’s written. I was confused at first when I got to chapter two but by chapter 3 I realized what was happening and was in awe that Camilla could even attempt to write a book like this. Flawless!

What I Loved:

-The double ‘what if’ storyline. Loved it, it’s well written and loved the way they merged at the end.
-Gemma and Jake… they are like the picture of what everyone wants in love.

What I didn’t Love:

-That this is book one of a series, so I have to WAIT for book 2! Hurry Camilla!

What I thought of the Cover:

-Super cute, as are all of Camilla’s covers. It definitely screams chick lit.


Buy this book! In fact buy ALL of Camilla’s books.  If you love chick lit like I do, this book won’t disappoint you. I loved the way it was written and haven’t read anything like it before.

And before you ask, yes I’ll be buying a copy for my book freezer.

Well done, Camilla. You’ve done it again, writing a book I absolutely adore. Put me on the ‘Camilla’s biggest fans list’. You’re truly a star in the chick lit industry and I can’t wait to read anything you write!

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About the Author:

Camilla Isley


Camilla is an engineer turned writer after she quit her job to follow her husband in an adventure abroad.
She’s a cat lover, coffee addict, and shoe hoarder. Besides writing, she loves reading—duh!—cooking, watching bad TV, and going to the movies—popcorn, please. She’s a bit of a foodie, nothing too serious. A keen traveler, Camilla knows mosquitoes play a role in the ecosystem, and she doesn’t want to starve all those frog princes out there, but she could really live without them.

Find her here:

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