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Book Review – Liberty and Means

Liberty and means
By author – Kristin Dow

My Review:

This book starts out immediately grabbing your attention with a random black suv that appears to be everywhere that Shannon Clark is.  She tries to blow it off as coincidental but it just doesn’t seem right.  A couple pages in and I knew I’d read this book in an hour.  I just love a mystery within a women’s fiction novel.  Only this mystery takes a bit of a turn… instead of Shannon’s life in danger, she’s pleasantly surprised with the black SUV  holding a crew of people just waiting to bring her a winning jackpot and a giant check.

I’ve never read this kind of storyline before… winning millions and having to figure out who you trust and who’s just in if for the chance to gain a few bucks.  It was very intriguing and a quick moving story that you won’t want to look away from.

I gave this book 5 coffees.
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This was the first book of Kristin’s I’ve ever read and I’m so glad I did!  The book is set in the mid-west which is another thing that grabbed my attention.  I lived a few years in Oklahoma so I can relate to that mid-western vibe and this book did a great job of this.  (with great reason, Kristin grew up in Oklahoma) The story is definitively women’s fiction/chick lit/with a new spin on it.

What I Loved:

-The characters within this story are great, very realistic.  I loved Shannon as a main character… she feels like ‘the girl next door’ and who doesn’t love that girl?  I wanted to see her life go well and for her to end up with a happy ending.

-I loved watching all the crazy family members come out of hiding (some quite literally) after Shannon gets rich.  Isn’t that just how life works?  And with that come the decisions that you never wanted to have to make.  Kristin writes this so well.

What I didn’t Love:

-I honestly can’t say anything I didn’t love about this book, besides not finding it sooner.  It’s a great story with great writing.

What I thought of the Cover:

The cover is OK… it’s pretty and well done but I don’t know if it would grab my attention in a story or online shelf.

My Conclusion:

I admit, I always go into new ‘unheard of to me’ authors books with a bit of hesitation.  I should have learned by now that I can quit because 9 times out of 10 the author is great and the book is fabulous.  I’ll definitely read Kristin’s other book, I loved her writing style and her ability to grab your attention quickly in the story.

I definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a quick, fun, addicting read.  Win the lottery for a day and then figure out why you maybe never really want to after-all.

Absolutely fantastic job on this book Kristin, and thank you for requesting I add it to my book loving soul.

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About the Author:

Kristin Dow


While living out her early twenties in L.A., Kristin Dow started writing screenplays. Then she did the last thing an aspiring screenwriter should do. She left Hollywood. Fiction writing stuck with her, however, and she has completed two novels to date: UNBRIDLED HOLIDAY and LIBERTY & MEANS. Kristin now lives in the Denver area where she is working on her next book.

Reviews for LIBERTY & MEANS
“A thoughtful and engaging character study with the pace of a thriller, including a number of surprising plot twists along the way.” -Self-Publishing Review
“Masterfully done…a complexity of genres. A real gem of a book.” -Box Roundup
“An excellent example of how indie publishing is (or should be) changing the fiction landscape.” -Preston Pairo, novelist

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