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Book Review – I Need a Hero

I Need a Hero by Emma Bennet

My Review:

I Need a Hero was my first Emma Bennet book and I’m so glad!  Emma is a great writer with a style I haven’t read in awhile.  It was almost very old world English in writing style with a modern day fairy-tale romance.

Bronte (I’ve never heard this name for a woman but it’s nice!) has a new neighbor move into her building, Ryan, a dentist.  While Ryan is everything a ‘normal’ woman would love to fall for, Bronte wants a character right out of one of her romance novels she’s written.  In fact, she’s trying to write one with the idea of how her hopeful romance with Lord Sebastian will go.

I gave this book 4 Coffees.
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Bronte and Ryan spend a lot of time together right from the start of the book.  Her chance meeting with Lord Sebastian, while humorous, seemed very forced, most likely by her overactive romance novel imagination.  Meeting a Lord is most girls daydream thanks to Disney but this relationship is anything but a Disney Movie.  Even her book isn’t going the way she had predicted!

Bronte is a very giving, likeable character.  She is a modern woman with an imagination that makes her seem like an ‘old soul’ who’s dreamt of her Royal Wedding since she was small.  She thinks she’s got her dream man all planned out.  But do things ever go as they seem in a book?  Sometimes…

What I Loved:

-I loved Ryan!  He was so down to earth, honest and a gentleman!  I think sometimes the ‘gentleman’ part is overlooked in books so this was incredibly refreshing.
-That Bronte is a writer who has already tried to write her future… I wonder how many writers actually do this.
-This book was sweet, fun and a quick read.  It took me a couple of days to read but within a page or two I was addicted and needed to know what was going on with my new friends.

What I didn’t Love:

-It was a tad predictable right from the start but that didn’t stop me from seeing just how it would pan out.
-I think there was a small plot near the end of the book, that could have been more detailed that you only read ‘bits’ of and those would have made the book that much more interesting.
-The characters were a tad ‘surface’ for me, meaning there wasn’t a lot of depth but I still loved them. (with the above suggestion I feel like that could have solved this problem.)

What I thought of the Cover:

-Super cute cover, very chick lit and initially what made me say yes to reading this book!

My Conclusion:

Emma is a great writer and this book is very fun.  I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet, interesting, light read.  It wasn’t too long, not too short and was a great way to spend a couple of days.

The idea of this book is a classic done in a new way that I’ve not read before and that was nice.  I love picking up a book different from the others I’ve been reading.

Have you read this book?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it below in the comments!

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About the Author:

Emma Bennet


Emma grew up and lived in London, before falling in love and moving to Wales to marry her own hero. Emma now lives with her husband, children, and many animals in a small Welsh market town. She can often be found in rivers attempting to control an overexcited chocolate labrador.

Five charming romances are currently available from the Amazon bestselling authoress:

Number 1 Australian kindle bestseller, ‘His Secret Daughter’, is the heart-rending story of Iris, a woman falling in love with the father of her child. The only problem is she never told him they had a daughter.

The beautiful landscape around her home gave Emma the inspiration for ‘The Green Hills of Home’, a tale of love and duty in which country girl Gwen struggles to save her family home and avoid her feelings for her handsome, suave new boss. Is he quite all he seems?

‘Snowed in for her Wedding Day’ is a novella picking up Gwen’s story as her wedding day approaches, but with terrible weather, and an absent groom, will she have the happy ending she so deserves?

‘Just Desserts’ is a novella about confused chef Leah, who’s falling for her handsome French co-worker Jean-Claude, but meant to be marrying to Dan in just a few weeks! Who will she choose?

‘I Need A Hero’ was released in July 2015, it’s a lovely comic romantic read for anyone who’s ever searched for Mr Right (and failed to find him!). Despair of Bronte, a romance writer, incapable of spotting when the perfect man is right next door! Full of horses, country houses and dentists, just beware of the foul-tempered cat Mr Darcy!

Emma likes (in no particular order): cake, books, Cary Grant films, prosecco, chocolate, guinea pigs, knitting, quilting and happily ever afters!

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