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Book Review – Heart Conditions

Heart Conditions 
(Book #3 in The Breakup Doctor series)
By author – Phoebe Fox

My Review:

First of all, Happy Release Day Phoebe!!
I love this series by Phoebe Fox.  I reviewed book 1 & 2 here, in case you haven’t read it.  This series also made my 2015 top 10 of the year!

Brook Ogden is The Breakup Doctor and in this last book she’s in quite a heart-wrenching turmoil of events.  Not only does recent boyfriend breakup, Ben, have a new, too perfect girlfriend but the almost husband that shattered her heart re-appears unexpectedly to make up his wrongs to her.  Even though her and Ben aren’t ‘together’ they are still friends and she still takes care of his enormous teddy bear of a dog, just to make sure they don’t lose complete contact.  But the dog seems to bring her more heartache at times, forcing her into watching Ben and his new lady in their relationship.

Brooks family is still as crazy as ever and giving her a few more things to worry about as well.  But what is life if we don’t have a gazillion things interrupting how we hoped things would go.  Crazy families often make a story and Brooks is no exception.  I love how I am completely vested in this entire cast of characters, which I see is a compliment to Phoebe’s writing skills.

This book was rated 5+ coffees – aka ‘Hells to the Yeah’

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Poor Brook!  I was heart broken for her at the end of book 2 and now this book goes through your emotions of will she or won’t she end up with lovely Ben or will she go back to her douchey ex.  I’ll admit, I’m a Ben fan and I have been since he was introduced in book 1.  You can really feel Brooks pain and confusion in this book.  No, it’s not a ‘so sad book’ it’s actually quite the opposite but after 2 previous books I feel connected to all these characters!  Even the darn dog!

This book is no exception from the first two, bringing you loads of laughs and the constant rooting for Brook to finally find her happily ever after that she deserves so much.  I’m so pleased to see her business growing, as it should considering Brook is an expert in moving on from a break-up for everyone excluding herself.  But we’re all allowed a little crazy in our personal lives.

Why did I rate this a ‘Hells to the Yeah’?

Phoebe is a great writer.  She writes in a way that you fall in love with these characters just about immediately and you not only root for the heroine, Brook, but you root for everyone around her as well.  Even the sad ex-almost husband who by the end, you’re hoping he finds his way in life (just not with Brook lol)

I laughed out loud many times, and sped through these books literally in one weekend.  My family was thrilled to see I loved a book so much that I read it in an hour, until I told them I had 2 more to go and dinner would have to wait until tomorrow when I was finished. lol

What I loved:

-All the characters – they’re just so like-able.
-The ‘issues’ in this book were so real, that they could actually be happening in your life all at once.  It made the book very realistic.
-That Brook has a happy ending on it’s way (I hope!)  I just want her to be happy!

What I didn’t Love:

-Nothing, seriously I don’t think I closed this book with a question about the plot.  It’s great!
-That I’m pretty sure there is a book 4 I have to wait for! lol

What I thought of the Cover:

-LOVE.  In fact I was drawn to these books even before Phoebe had contacted me and added them to my ‘wish list’.

My Conclusion:

If you love chick lit, you will LOVE this series.  To me Phoebe writes in a Janet Evanovich/Sophie Kinsella tone which make the books fun and addicting.  I will forever read anything she writes and tell everyone I know!  I will be buying these books in print to add to my collection!

Grab this series and your favorite couch, or vacation destination and ignore life until you’re finished!  I promise you won’t regret it!

Thank you Phoebe for introducing me to Brook and her world!!

To find out more or buy the book, click the cover below:

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About the Author:

Phoebe Fox


Phoebe Fox is the author of the Breakup Doctor series, and has been a contributor and regular columnist for a number of national, regional, and local publications (she currently writes about relationships for the Huffington Post and She Knows). She has been a movie, theater, and book reviewer; a screenwriter; and has even been known to help with homework revisions for nieces and nephews. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two excellent dogs.

Find her here:

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