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Book Review – Everything's Relative

Everything’s Relative
By author – Jenna McCarthy

My Review:

This book is about three sisters, Jules, Brooke & Lexi (Alexis) who couldn’t be more opposite of each other.  Really the only thing they have in common is their terrible mother and childhood.  Which in reality is the reason why they’re not close.  When their mother suddenly dies, after they almost celebrate they learn she may have hidden away every single dime she had and before she dishes it out, she wants the girls to come together and accomplish things they never thought they could, in 1 year.

This book is not what I expected but I loved it.  Jenna is hilarious in her previous books and this book is no exception to that.  There were times I found myself reading a line or two out-loud and trying not to snort while I did it.  (While in my husband’s eyes the snort makes it better).  I’d classify this book in the women’s contemporary fiction borderline ‘chick lit’.  There were some ‘serious’ parts but not enough to make it feel like a drama.

I read the book in 2 days and honestly there were a few chapters that I may have sped read through to get to the faster paced sections but those were far and few in-between.  This book had me laughing and at times warmed my cold little heart.

I gave this book 5 coffees.

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I loved the character development in this story.  Yes sometimes people take time to turn into the person they were meant to be and watching three sisters try to do that in a year made the book amusing and anticipating.  I loved how the sisters were each really failing but they continued to help each other.  These girls had to come together before they could become individuals.

What I gave it that rating:

5 coffees is just 1 under my highest rating.  I really enjoyed this book and loved the story, the twists, the romance and the sisters relationship.  It only missed the ‘hells to the yeah’ rating because I found a few sections to read rather slowly and I sped read through them.  But none of that took away from the fact that this book is a well written fabulous story.

What I Loved:

-The relationship between the girls throughout the book.  It went from hate, to love/hate to can’t imagine living apart!
-The twist!!  The mother is a real bitch as these girls grew up and it’s sad, but it makes a GREAT story.
-The girls’ different stories and how it’s told from each of their point of view.

What I didn’t Love:

-Besides those few slow spots I actually loved this book, especially towards the end.

What I thought of the Cover:

-Love this cover, it’s gorgeous, fitting of all of Jenna’s covers but I felt it didn’t totally represent the story much.

My Conclusion:

This book is fantastic, you’ll devour it as you ignore you household duties and when you bring the book to bed to finish you’ll have no problem telling your significant other that you have a headache to bad for sex but not bad enough not to read until 3am.

Jenna is fabulous as creating an emotionally told, realistic story about the relationship of three sisters who all have the same pain of their childhood.  I felt like nothing was left out and I didn’t close the book wondering what happened in certain spots.  There is love, hate, laughter and heartwarming scenes.  I wanted to see these sisters succeed if not only to show up their bitch of a mother.  But as always, mom is normally right on in her thinking.

Thank you Jenna for reaching out on the fabulous Twitter and getting this book to me.  I’m a fan!!

To find out more or buy the book, click the cover below:


About the Author:


Jenna McCarthy


I submitted my first short story to Highlights magazine in 1977.

I never got a reply.

In high school I wrote a lot of really bad poetry. Mercifully, I didn’t save any of it.

The first thing I ever had published was an essay in my college newspaper. The typesetter misspelled sing as sign in the last line and the whole thing made no sense whatsoever.

After graduation I got a job writing copy for a big advertising agency. I would have stayed there forever if I hadn’t gotten laid off on my twenty-fifth birthday. I grabbed a stapler and some sticky notes before I was escorted out of the building by a police officer.

I started writing fabulous articles and submitting them to all of the Fancy New York City Magazines (FNYCMs). None of them were ever published, although I did get one really nice, hand-written rejection letter.

One day, a FNYCM Editor offered me a job. I was so excited that I took it without knowing the salary. A few years later, I moved to another FNYCM. And then another. Dozens more asked me to write articles in exchange for actual money. I moved to California, wrote a book, had some babies, and wrote several more books. I gave a TED talk, flipped a house on TV and learned how to play tennis. Right now I’m trying to give up processed food and teach myself how to write a screenplay. At the same time. It’s not easy.

Someday I’d like to start a petition to have the words mauve and moist removed from the English language.

I don’t like to brag, but I’m the luckiest person I know. I’m married to my best friend, I work in my pajamas and I have two beautiful, healthy, hilarious daughters. I like cats and sparkly things and laughing until my sides hurt. And hats. I really like hats.

Oh, and I’m not Jenny McCarthy. But you knew that, right?

Find her here:

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