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Beta Readers

If you haven’t read somewhere already (because I’m super excited and have been shouting it to the rooftops) I have a book coming out later this year, Little Gray Dress. It’ a romantic comedy/chick lit book and it’s being published by Crooked Cat Books.

I also am 40%  into a new manuscript with a tentative title of The Meddling of Genevieve. It too is a romantic comedy/chick lit. This one has a ghostly element to it but I wouldn’t consider it a mystery.

One of the things I love doing as a book blogger is having the opportunity to be an early reader for an author’s publication. Sometimes that involves beta reading an unedited book and sometimes it means getting the final proof a month in advance so I can leave a review on publication day.

I’m am looking for both beta readers and early ARC readers/reviewers for my upcoming releases. If you’re interested please read what I am looking for with each type of reader & book and sign up!

*You will NOT receive any emails from me unless it’s about my own ARC opportunity (these are for books written by ME – Aimee Brown).

What I’m looking for in a Beta reader-

– These will be newly written, unedited manuscripts to be read in preparation of pitching publishers/agents.
– They need feedback of storyline, characters, plot holes, missing details, what did and didn’t work for you as a reader, writing style comparisons (similar to ‘what’ authors), title ideas or changes, etc.
– I want your thoughts as a regular reader who knows the romantic comedy genre, honestly, without sugar coating yet without being crazy assholish either.
– Honest, trustworthy readers, these manuscripts are not to be shared OR altered by you.
– Timely turn around time – Ideally I’d like to see your critique 2-3 weeks after you’ve received the manuscript.
– I’m *hoping* to have 2-4 manuscripts written a year, which means you will only receive 2-4 emails from me a year as a beta reader. (as of 02.16.17 I’ll have my 2nd manuscript available for beta readers by mid-late March)

What I’m NOT looking for in a Beta reader-

– Editing, misspellings, punctuation, syntax errors, these will all be done at a later date.
– Readers afraid of giving an honest opinion. I’m not going to bite, in fact, I HOPE you find something that I need to work on because that kind of critique is what can make or break a book.
– Readers who don’t regularly read or don’t regularly read romantic comedy/chick lit. I need you to know the genre and its expectations in the reader world.
– Readers who are offended by cursing, genitalia jokes, or sarcasm.
– There will be NO reviews on any Beta manuscript, the final manuscript will likely change from what you’ve read. If you want to be an early/arc reviewer please sign up for that as well to be informed of new release opportunities.

What will I get for Beta reading for you?

Yes, I do understand that reading any book, especially writing a detailed critique afterward is time-consuming and I don’t expect you to do this for free. Once said book is published you will receive a signed paper copy. I will be thanking my beta readers by name in my acknowledgments. If you are within the USA I will gladly send over a $15 Starbucks or Amazon gift card as well. If you are NOT in the USA, that’s ok, let me know what I can do for you. 🙂

If you’ve read all this and you’re interested please sign up at the bottom of the page. If I feel you’d be a good fit as a beta reader, I’ll be in touch! Please do not take it personally if you are not chosen.

What I’m looking for in an early/ARC reader/reviewer-

– These manuscripts will be (likely) edited books within a couple months of publication. They may be in ebook form. If print copies are available I’ll gladly send those to those who I see fit.
– Books will NOT automatically be sent to you, you will receive an ARC availability announcement and they will be sent by request of those interested in that specific book.
– I will need you to read/review by a specified publishing date.
– You can review on your blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, wherever you’d like to post.
– You MUST post your review on AmazonUS, AmazonUK & GoodReads at the minimum.
– You need to be a regular reader, that enjoys romantic comedies/chick lit.
– Please leave an honest review, I’m not requiring your review be 5 stars, just honest.
– Help promote release day on Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, it’s such a huge help to an author to have readers who will help promote new releases.

What I’m NOT looking for in an early/ARC reader/reviewer-

– Someone who will take an early spot and not review/promote just for a free book.
– Someone unwilling to leave their review on Amazon & Goodreads. Authors rankings (which is how more people find the book) depend on these reviews.
– For you to read the ARC and then send it to all of your closest friends. This is NEVER ok.
– Readers who don’t enjoy romantic comedy/chick lit books.
– Readers who are offended by cursing, genitalia jokes, or sarcasm.

What will I get for being an early/ARC reader/reviewer?

– You have won a free book for review!

I can’t pay for reviews in any way shape or form. I also can’t and won’t tell you what to write in your review. I’m just hoping to find some awesome readers who love chick lit and romantic comedies who would love to read and review my new releases as they come out.

If you’ve read all this and you’re interested please sign up at the bottom of the page. If I feel you’d be a good fit as an early/ARC reader/reviewer, I’ll be in touch! Please do not take it personally if you are not chosen.



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