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Author Website/Blog Build

I've been building websites for a long time. At one time I was a whiz with the HTML coding of sites because there was no such thing as WordPress, Blogger or Wex type sites. If you wanted a website you either hired someone to do it or you learned it yourself. I did the later.

-I can use whatever platform you'd like - WordPress self-hosted - Blogger - Wex - etc.
-Custom graphics come with this the website builds - header, logo and social media headers & post images.
-I will create a website bible with how to update something easily. I want you to not be afraid of your website!
-Websites and blogs take me 1 week to complete. They are time-consuming at times.
-Choosing a blog does not mean I will be posting for you. You will still have to come up with content for your readers.
-There are things I suggest that will add on costs to the baseline price, they are below.

New website build - Price: $300 min. - This price is for my time, graphics & website/blog bible (instructions)
New blog build - Price: $300 min. - This price is for my time, graphics & website/blog bible (instructions)
Website Update - Price: $200 min. - This price is for my time updating or overhauling a site you already have if you need all new graphics, layout, etc that is an add-on cost depending on needs/wants.

Some of these I think are necessities but I'll leave that for when we chat over email as to why. Each of the below items will add to the base of $300. I will never purchase these unless we've agreed on the service.

-Domain Name Purchase (url) - this could cost anywhere from .99 - $15 because domain companies often have discounts and sales. These have to be renewed by you once a year.
-Website Hosting - this is another one that has a varied cost anywhere from $5-$40 a month. Hosting companies offer different packages based on what your website needs are. My blog costs me $11.95 a month, it's a midsized package and I can add multiple domains if I chose. You can pay for hosting by the month or year. Blogger & Wex have self hosting as an option.
-Layout - this depends on what kind of layout and site and even base platform you choose. I can do a basic blog or website layout on my own. But if you want something more complicated I purchase layouts from Etsy and there are a wide variety to choose from at all different costs (from $5 - $300+) All of the layouts I've used on my sites have come from Etsy & cost between $10-$40 bucks.
-Graphics - graphics I already own, fonts I already own are all included in the $300 base price with graphics. If you want custom graphics or fonts that I need to purchase that is an extra cost to you.
-Maintenance - sometimes you need to update things. Depending on how extensive the updates/maintenance is, I can do this for an extra fee that will be based on what is needed. Contact me for info on this.

Websites are paid for in advance. You will have input along the way so never worry about ending up with something you don't love.

All billing is done through Square Invoicing - it's secure, you don't need an account and it's user-friendly for both of us. I will not bill with anything other than this.

-Details of what kind of website you are looking for. The more details the better.
-I may need high-quality images of all your book covers, author photos, etc.
-URL ideas... be thinking on this if you know you'll need a URL.

Ok... now that we are done with the details, on with the ordering!
(if for any reason the form isn't working or you'd rather just email me - you can reach me at - please title your email 'Promo Package Request')

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