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Author of the Week – An Interview with Simon Wan

What was your inspiration to start (and keep) writing?
I’ve always loved to write, the magic connections and coincidences that can manifest when you let yourself write without judgment is liberating. When I first realised you could be transported into a fantastic world or a twisted psyche with just a page and some black squiggles, I decided that I wanted to do that!
Tell us a bit about the genre you write in and how it found you?
Life fuelled romantic black comedy.
It found me really, a life of searching for the Perfect Princess coupled with studying Meisner in London taught me that mistakes and honesty are powerful and often the tiniest details can be fascinating, so I mixed the two and found place to unload my romantic waffle.
Is there any author whom you’d admire and read every book they publish?  Who and why?
Douglas Adams. Aside from the science fiction aspect of a lot of his work, I find him so melodic, never precious, and always makes me laugh. His ideas seem(ed) to just flow out of him like a mental river.
If you watch TV what are your shows right now?

Mr Robot! I love this show, its dark, brooding and shot so beautifully, plus I always though I was Christian Slater in ‘True Romance’ so I’m a bit of a fan boy. Jessica Jones, what an amazing Noir bad ass and such an evil Antagonist too! And the office (UK) if you watch the shows without gaps, you get a real story about an unlucky man just trying to make people love him, it’s incredibly tender (under all the awkwardness)
Do you have any talents other than writing that your fans maybe don’t know about?
I used to sing. I was to be in a boy band for my sins and sang on stages and in clubs for years. All over the UK and internationally.
If you could go on vacation anywhere where would you choose and why?
It’s a cliche, but Maldives. I was lucky enough to work out there over the course of a year shooting films and photos for a luxury hotel brand. Standing in the sea one evening after our shoot I couldn’t tell where the sea ended or the sky began. The sea was waist high, crystal clear and warm. An infinite mirror of blues and reds and yellow. It was most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen, it was truly breathtaking.
Do you have any writing rituals we should all start doing?
Yes, if you have a great idea, no matter where you are or what your doing WRITE IT DOWN, because you WILL forget it no matter how hard you try. That and tidying, if I’m gunna do a chunk at home I have to have a tidy house. Zero Feng Shui distractions, although I’ll write whenever the inspiration comes so that all depends on where I am. Oh, and turn off your Wifi, there’s way too many distractions on line.
What is your favorite movie? & then book to movie?
My favourite film is Breakfast Club. Proved to me that a handful  of interesting people in a room can make you laugh, make you angry and make you cry your eyes out. I love them all so much. I had a huge crush on Ally Sheedy too, and personally I think she looked way more gorgeous before she had the 80’s make over in the library.
Book to movie?
Probably ‘A Clockwork Orange’ I often let myself get dragged into Alex’s strange brain on the page and love to watch Kubriks uncomfortable on screen rendering. The crazy electro synths and delivery of the language is just sublime.
What are three foods you can’t live without?
Broccoli, Chinese BBQ pork belly, and of course crispy fluffy perfect roast potatoes.
What’s your biggest pet peeve? 
When busy city people rush past old folk or mums with kids in buggies on the underground tube stations and don’t offer to help getting down or up the endless flights of stairs. How people can ignore a little old lady struggling with a massive suitcase is beyond me. So, now I’m a heavy luggage crusader!

About the Author:

Simon Wan


Simon Wan spent his early life dodging detentions and falling in love all over the UK and Ireland. His love for girls is matched by his love of cats, skateboards, food, music and robots. A post university adventure in pop music took him to the strangest night clubs and festivals and his adventures in film making took him all over the world. Simon recently took to stage and screen and attained international acclaim with nominations and awards for his performances in British Kung Fu film drama Dog and stage production Mr Foo with Tina Malone. He played the lead in Hong Kongs first sell out immersive theatre experience where he got a great sun tan. He has now decided to become author because he can write books wearing just a towel and he can type really fast.

Find him here:
Random bit of singing in my old production office

About his newest Book:
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Love and a Dozen Roast Potatoes


The strongest image from the first few years of my life is of a shining beacon of rebellion and beauty: Princess Leia. She was sassy, and she knew her way around a blaster. We’re starting from the very beginning, so no hot sauce until I’m at least 16, and when I say hot sauce I mean sex.

Such is the life of our hero as he negotiates the twin ambitions of finding the love of his life and becoming a superstar, and taking “the one” to his Mom’s for her famous Sunday roast. It’s a life tale of comic disasters, sex (lots of sex), relationship woes, and discovering your nakedness plastered over social media. Warm, funny, very hip, this is David Nicholls with the naughty bits on display for the world to see.

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