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Author of the Week – An Interview with Rose McClelland

What was your inspiration to start (and keep) writing?

Oh, I think that would have to be when my English teacher wrote on top of my creative writing assignment “A+ Keep up the writing!” Thank you Miss Smith!

Tell us a bit about the genre and how it found you?

Good question! My first novel “Bottoms Up” received lots of great feedback from literary agents who had asked to read the full book. Their response however was; “Great writing, but you should write something more commercial”. Hence, I ventured into chick-lit as it was the genre I most enjoyed reading!

Is there any author whom you’d admire and read every book they publish? Who & why?

Absolutely – Marian Keyes! When I first read her novel “Rachel’s Holiday”, I thought, “Wow! I want to write like that!” I’ve read every single one of her books and her short stories. I also follow her on You Tube. Imagine my delight when one of my Amazon reviewers wrote “This reads like the younger sister of Marian Keyes!”

If you watch TV, what are your shows right now?

Oh my goodness – too many to mention! I love a good box set and a TV binge. First off – my guilty pleasures – ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ‘Geordie Shore’. Then the delight that is ‘Cold Feet’, which has returned to our screens for a sixth series. I’ve also taken a notion recently to watch the entire box set of ‘Love Hate’ again – simply because it is full of drama and has plenty of dishy Irish actors!

Do you have any talents other than writing that your fans don’t know about?

Well, I have been known to be a bit of an adrenalin junkie. I’ve done a bunjee jump, a zip-line and not one, but TWO abseils!

I think my dare-devil days may be coming to an end though. The last abseil was awful!

If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would you choose and why?

Ooh, it would have to be somewhere like a spa on the edges of a beach. I’d love pampering time of massages, facials, soft music, maybe a bit of yoga. Then relaxing on the beach and listening to the soft lull of the waves. When can we go?

Do you have any writing rituals we should all start doing?

Definitely – yes.

First of all, sit down and look at your diary for the week ahead. When could you realistically set aside a few hours to dedicate to your writing? Okay, so set that time aside and guard it fiercely. When the time comes, sit down at your desk. Avoid any distractions – turn off your phone. Make yourself a nice cup of tea or a cold drink, then sit. Devote that time to writing. Even if you’re filing your nails or thinking, eventually the words will come. I promise!

What is your favourite movie? Then book to movie?

Favourite movie has to be ‘The Notebook’ – simply because it moved me to tears and it’s the only film where I cried solidly for five minutes, even after the credits went up.

Favourite book to movie was ‘Me Before You’. I loved the book so much and I was so worried that the film wouldn’t like up to it but they stayed true to the book and kept it word for word.

What are the three foods you can’t live without?

Okay, I’m going to be very honest here. It’ll have to be:-

  1. Gluten free cereal – perfect for breakfast, supper or snacks.
  2. Ready meals – I am a ‘have to eat right now or I’m gonna pass out’ kinda gal.
  3. Slimfast – for when I’m feeling like there’s been too much sitting at the desk writing and not enough outside running!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

I’m afraid I’m a bit noise intolerant. I’m deaf in one ear and it means that everything is magnified in the other ear – crisp wrappers, loud eaters, neighbours’ parties – you get the drift!

About the Author:

0l4ex50rRose McClelland


Rose lives in Belfast and writes chick lit/ women’s fiction.

Her novels have been reviewed as “reads like the younger sister of Marian Keyes”.

Rose has two novels published and is currently writing her third.

She has also written two short plays which have been performed at The Black Box, Belfast.

Rose loves listening to audio books, binge watching TV box sets and feeding the birds in her back garden!

Find them here:

Website  |  Twitter  |  Amazon

About their newest Book:
(click on cover to go to amazon page)
51exbjfcnolThe Break-Up Test


Meet Amy, Beth and Sarah. All intelligent women with one thing in common – a bad taste in men!

Amy receives seductive texts from Gav and promptly skips round to his house for a mid-afternoon romp. She never planned it that way. Maybe one day he’ll actually fall in love with her?

Beth sits at her desk, her mobile phone propped up in front of her keyboard. Anytime soon it’ll light up like the Blackpool Illuminations, and Karl will finally get in touch about that drink. It’s been five days…

Sarah is seeing Stephen, trying to believe his claim that although he shares a bed with his ex, Kat, they aren’t sleeping together. She can’t believe it’s turned into one of THOSE stories you read about in women’s weeklies.

Then Jamie comes along with his Break-Up Test and turns their lives upside down.

Will Gav, Karl and Stephen suddenly sniff the competition and clean up their acts?

And what exactly is in it for Jamie?

Buy the Book:
Check out her other book:
 Rose is giving away  3 e-book copies of the “Break Up Test”

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