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Author of the Week – An Interview with Liberty Kontranowski

What was your inspiration to start (and keep) writing?

Ever since I was but a wee girl, I’ve loved making up stories. Sometimes I’d write them down, sometimes they’d simply play out in my head, but there were always, always stories in my life. I entered into the “real” workforce right out of college and didn’t exactly love what I was doing. I remember reading a book at that time about how to write and sell your first novel and I thought, “That! That is what I want to be when I grow up.”  It took me quite a while to get here, but now that I am, there’s no turning back.

Tell us a bit about the genre you write in and how it found you?

I tentatively define my genre as “Romantic Women’s Fiction.” I say “tentatively” because it’s tough sticking a label on the way I write. Essentially, it’s a very voice-y style with lots of dialog, and some super romantic (and mega-feely) moments. There is plenty of heat, but nothing explicit. And there are definitely tons of fun and flirty moments. (I’m all about escapism!) Since I’m a very character-driven writer, this style and genre is well suited for me and I feel absolutely blessed that I get to tell stories this way.

Is there any author whom you’d admire and read every book they publish?  Who and why?

I admire so many authors, but I have to admit to reading very little while I write (which is All. The. Time, lately). I know this goes against all writerly advice (read often! read widely!), but I want to be sure my voice is as clean as it can be while I’m working on a story. If I’m reading at the same time, I start picking at my own voice and storytelling abilities, and then I lose that authenticity that really makes a story sparkle. I do read plenty of nonfiction books (self-improvement, mostly), blogs, and magazines, though. (I LOVE learning!)

If you watch TV what are your shows right now?

I almost never watch TV. It’s often on, but I pay zero attention to it. Except on Sunday nights, when I’m glued to HGTV’s Caribbean Life, Mexico Life, and all the other buying-a-house-on-the-beach shows. Can you guess where I’d like to retire some day? 😉

Do you have any talents other than writing that your fans maybe don’t know about?

Well, I might not look like Beyoncé’s big sis or anything, but I have to say, this girl’s got moves. I was the captain of the dance team in high school and can still shake my groove thang when the opportunity arises. I love dancing and I always get a special kick whenever I see my seven-year-old son busting moves of his own. I like to think he got his rhythm from his mama.

If you could go on vacation anywhere where would you choose and why?

If it has sand, water, and sun, I’m there. (I am most definitely a soul-level island girl trapped in a Michigander’s life.) I’d also love to visit my long-time (and by long-time, I mean 25+ years) pen pal in her beautiful native Ireland.

Do you have any writing rituals we should all start doing?

My ritual is actually an anti-ritual. Specifically, I’m mobile. Even if it’s ten minutes in the car while waiting for a mini to get out of school, I’ve got my laptop fired up and I’m squeezing in the minutes. I truly can write anywhere and in almost any situation. Music or not, TV or not, day, night, desk, couch, whatever. Being adaptive and mobile is my only big “ritual.”

What is your favorite movie? & then book to movie?

Well, if John Hughes had anything to do with it, it’s automatically one of my favorites. (Big, BIG fan of ‘80s flicks, here.) But, out of them all, Some Kind of Wonderful is tops. I can recite the entire thing, but it never gets old.

Book to movie would be Hunger Games. So, so good!

What are three foods you can’t live without?

Mashed potatoes, guacamole, and cheeeeeese!

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Negativity, for sure. I am, admittedly, a little too Suzy Sunshine for my own good sometimes, but I just don’t understand how people can hold on so tightly to negativity. What good does it do you or anyone around you? Can you really not see it in yourself? It’s very hard for me to handle people like that and I actually have a cleansing ritual I do when I encounter such people on a regular basis.

And, ironically, since this is the last question, I want to be careful to NOT end this interview on a negative note (!), so let me just say thank you so much, Aimee, for all you do for authors, readers, and other book bloggers. You are an absolute gem and your giving soul is very much needed in this industry and in the world in general. Thank you for having me this week, and for sharing me with your readers!

About the Author:

libauthorpic2016-seatedLiberty Kontranowski


Liberty Kontranowski is a romantic women’s fiction author who adores all things lovey-dovey with a pinch (or more) of hubba-hubba. When she’s not at the keyboard, she’s taxiing around her three boys, knocking back craft beers with the hubs, blogging, fangirling, and dreaming up more fake people. She also spends an inordinate amount of time drinking coffee and dreaming of the day she can bid adieu to far-too-wintry Michigan and move to a place where she can write with her toes in the sand.

Liberty loves to hear from her readers (and otherwise cool people) so give her a yell.

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Every fangirl has a fantasy . . . what happens when that “if only” dream comes true?

Though she’s a single mom wedged firmly into thirty-something territory, author Kallie Reagan’s devotion to rock star Niles Russell knows no bounds. To pay homage to her muse, Kallie writes a smokin’ hot novel featuring a hero who looks and acts an awful lot like Niles — and a heroine who may or may not have a smattering of herself thrown in for fun.

When Niles learns about the book and surprise-texts Kallie, the two deliciously complicated creatives become fast friends . . . and so much more. But trying to define a relationship that’s laced with closeted skeletons, half-truths, and constant question marks proves harder than making it big. If they’re going to progress from Fangirl Infatuation to The Real Deal, these two need to give each other All Access to the most important place of all: their hearts.

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