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Author of the Week – an interview with Judith Natelli McLaughlin

What was your inspiration to start (and keep) writing?

I think I was born to write.  I have been telling stories and developing characters since I was a little girl. I even have a copy of the first book I ever wrote-I was in the 1st grade.

The inspiration to keep writing goes to my parents.  They were always eager to hear my stories and encouraged me to continue down the path of creative writing.

Tell us a bit about the genre you write in and how it found you?

I write across many genres, including children’s chapter books, middle grade novels, women’s fiction, and romantic comedy/chick lit.  Perhaps the theme connecting all my writing is my (hopefully) relatable, quirky, human characters.

And, as an added bonus, I love writing poetry too.

Is there any author whom you’d admire and read every book they publish?  Who and why?

Too many to list them all!  But, since I just met her at a recent event, I’ll name Anna Quindlen.  I love the way she writes. Her characters are real and flawed and that’s what makes them perfect to read about.

If you watch TV what are your shows right now?

I don’t watch a ton of shows on television, however I do love live sports. The New York Yankees, Giants, and Knicks are my teams. I love the rhythm of the games and the concept that I’m what I’m watching is live…ANYTHING can happen. I mean did you see Villanova defeat North Carolina in the first buzzer beater in National Championship history in 30 years?

Do you have any talents other than writing that your fans maybe don’t know about?

I can juggle. Sometimes. Does that count?

If you could go on vacation anywhere where would you choose and why?

Between work, writing, husband, daughters, dog, and house, I am always running around!  So, for me, the perfect vacation would be ANY beach vacation, where all that is required of me is to sit in a lounge chair and read books. (And maybe swim in the ocean and drink the occasional cocktail.)

Do you have any writing rituals we should all start doing?

I am in early morning writer. I don’t know if I recommend my methods but copious amounts of coffee are part of it.

What is your favorite movie? & then book to movie? 

The best answer to this question is:  the last movie I saw!  My family tends to make fun of me because when I am watching one of my favorite movies, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or Win Win, or a perfect romantic comedy like The Rewrite, I have been know to say, “this is the best movie ever!”  I guess I am a fan of hyperbole.

As for the second part of your question, the best book to movie ever, as far as I’m concerned, is The Godfather.  Hands down.  

What are three foods you can’t live without?

Ice Cream

What’s your biggest pet peeve? 

When people clip their fingernails in public, like at their desks at work or on the train! It’s a home activity, people!

About the Author:

Judy McLaughlin photo
Judith Natelli McLaughlin


Judith Natelli McLaughlin is an author/illustrator whose work crosses over many genres. Her novel, This Moment, appeared on the Amazon bestseller list. Her children’s poetry has been published alongside idols like Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, and Judith Viorst. Her children’s classic, Poems on Fruits and Odes to Veggies – Where Healthy Eating Starts with a Poem, is a staple in the world of healthy eating, making good food choices fun. Her middle grade novels include Dear Diary, E.P. Thompson Here, and the first in her chapter book series, Mackenzie Goode Makes a Mistake – A Big One, was published in 2015. She lives in the Garden State with her husband, Brian, three daughters, Katie, Lindsay, and Maggie, and a Westie named Duke. She is proud to call herself a New Jersey native.

Find her here:
twitter: @judynmclaughlin

About her newest Book:
(click on cover to go to amazon page)
Love, Reality Style

When cake-loving third-grade teacher Mary Grace Falcone receives a proposition of marriage from her germ-phobic boyfriend Ralph Ichy, her comfortable life is thrown into a tailspin. Should she marry Ralph? The man dubbed “the CEO of Antiseptic Hands”? Reluctantly, and despite the differing opinions of her best friends Jayde and Annie, Mary Grace accepts. Her decision gets her meddling mother off her back, but also lands her on a reality wedding show where handsome host, Nick Charmin, unexpectedly falls for her. Will Mary Grace choose hot Nick or faithful Ralph? Is the decision really hers to make? And, is a slice of cake actually the answer to all of life’s problems?


Judith is giving away a $25 Amazon Giftcard to one lucky winner!

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