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Author of the Week – an interview with author Marcie Steele

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Super excited to bring you an interview with #Bookouture Author of the Week Marcie Steele.

As the Author, which character in the story was your personal favorite?

Kate was my favourite character in Stirred with Love. Most people have been through the heartache of staying in a dying relationship just because we’re scared to go it alone, even though we know we need to move on. We’ve talked ourselves into, or out of, the most ridiculous things just because we don’t want to face the painful truth that the love isn’t there anymore. We meet Kate at this stage in her life, where she’s deciding whether or not to go it alone, and then her character develops throughout the book.

Realistically, how long did your story take you to brainstorm, write, rewrite, edit and sell to a publisher?

This is a tricky one for me. I had already published seven crime thriller novels under my own name, Mel Sherratt, so it was a much smoother process to get a book deal for Marcie. Now I’ve written a few novels, I think the whole procedure from first thoughts through to completion takes about 4-6 months.

Why a writer?  There are so many exciting careers in the world, how did you know that writing was the one for you?

I’m one of those people who have always wanted to write, since I was a little girl. I’ve always written something, whether it is a diary, short stories and now novels. Now I do it for a living, it is the perfect job for me. I love it, and feel very lucky to do what I love every day. I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

 So the questions every aspiring Author wants to know: How many times did you submit your manuscript before you were accepted?  Did you, or did you not, use a literary agent?  Thoughts on the process?

My journey started so long ago that I can’t remember exactly, but I can tell you that it took twelve years of rejections before, in the end, I self-published my first novel. I’d been so close to getting a book deal during that time, getting several of my books into publishers acquisition meetings, yet it was always a no at the last hurdle. But,never say never… I do have a literary agent and she negotiated my deal with Bookouture.

Has the ‘becoming an author’ experience been what you had expected?  And why?

I think because of the years of rejection, I always feel lucky where I am now, so I suppose you could say that the experience has been more than I had ever anticipated. Having so many books published now, it’s become a job, but it’s still something that I get to do every day because I love.

Your top 3 books/authors?

Bridget Jones’s diary – Helen Fielding

I like anything written by Lisa Jewell, starting from Ralph’s Party.

The same too with Rowan Coleman but I’ve particularly enjoyed her latest one, We Are All Made of Stars.

If there was an event in your life that triggered this book, or even a scene in the book, what was that?


Tell me about your favorite t.v. shows?

I like anything about life with lots of families, and problems, secrets and lies – dramas, soaps, things like that. This year, I enjoyed Ordinary Lies. I’m also enjoying Capital at the moment.

 If you could choose 3 foods to live on the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

I couldn’t do without chocolate – that is a food, right? Spaghetti bolognaise is another favourite – I love pasta. Also beans on toast! I’m a simple gal.

What is your favorite life memory?

I’ve been married twice and the second time, there were only a few people at the ceremony and it was just amazing. Meant to be. I’m very lucky to have such a supportive guy – living with a writer must be hell!

If you could give an aspiring author 1 piece of advice, what would it be?

Keep on keeping on. It might not be easy, and it might not be overnight but if you have a passion to write, it will never go away no matter how many times you get rejected (if you are after an agent or a traditional deal) or how many bad reviews you get if you self-publish. Not everyone will like your work. Just get on with writing the next one too!

Have you already started on your next book?  Give us a tiny pitch…

My next book is out this week actually, and is called That’s What Friends are For. Sam and Louise have been best friends since they hung their coats side by side on the first day of primary school. Now in their thirties, they’re just as close, but life is a little bit more complicated… The book is about best friends and secrets… oh, best friends shouldn’t have secrets. Should they?

[amazon template=iframe image&asin=B017HWLP4S]

Thank you so much, Marcie!!  I loved reading your answers and I’ve no doubt my readers loved them too.

Check back tomorrow for a Guest Post by Marcie and if you haven’t checked out her ‘Author of the Week’ page you can find that here.


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