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Author of the Week – an interview with Aimee Bealer

What was your inspiration to start (and keep) writing?

My dad kicked it off! He had an idea for a book and no time to write, so we wrote a novel together. It was a special kind of fun to share that experience with my dad. Then I decided I should write something for myself and got this idea about a modern, completely fresh re-telling of My Fair Lady. I couldn’t stop writing until it was a complete novel. It was so much fun that I might have to satisfy reader requests for a sequel and keep going!

Tell us a bit about the genre you write in and how it found you?

I write chick lit/women’s fiction. Years ago, after my daughter was born, I picked up Bridget Jones’s Diary and laughed my butt off reading it. I also cried, and then cheered when she got together with Mark Darcy. Chick lit had never been on my radar before that, and I’ve dabbled in reading–and now writing–the genre ever since.

Is there any author whom you’d admire and read every book they publish?  Who and why?

Because I write chick lit and have nostalgia for my years spent in England (my hubby is a Brit), I’ve read Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones stories, Hester Browne’s novels and several of Jill Mansell’s volumes. I really need to read more American chick lit authors! Suggestions?

If you watch TV what are your shows right now?

Oh man, I wish I had time to watch TV!! I like to watch Amazing Race, because I traveled obsessively pre-kids. And I’ll make time for Master Chef this summer because my son likes to watch it with me. I’m way out of touch with what’s ‘hot’ on TV now.

Do you have any talents other than writing that your fans maybe don’t know about?

I’m not always fab in the kitchen, but I bake a great lasagna and a scrumptious apple cake. Whenever I take that cake somewhere new, somebody asks for the recipe. And I give it to them because that’s how I got the recipe in the first place!

If you could go on vacation anywhere where would you choose and why?

Okay, let me start by saying I’m so, so lucky to have visited India this year to research the book I’m writing now, and I’m going with my family to Iceland and England this summer. So aside from those travels, though it would be really hard to choose just one place, Australia is high on my list!

Do you have any writing rituals we should all start doing?

I wish!! Just consistently carving out time to write. There are days when it doesn’t happen because I have a busy family life. But a mentor from my long-ago days in the newsroom of The Baltimore Sun sometimes messages me on FB with three little words: are you writing? If I haven’t been, that jump-starts me.

What is your favorite movie? & then book to movie?

There are not many movies I will re-watch, but I loved Notting Hill and Before Sunrise. Book to movie would be The Princess Bride, Bridget Jones, or one of Jane Austen’s classics. I didn’t read Silver Linings Playbook, but enjoyed that engaging, complex, quirky movie. Wow, it’s hard to choose just one!

What are three foods you can’t live without?

Ice cream (especially chocolate peanut butter), cheese, and I’m having a relationship of sorts with shrimp and grits right now–love it with a BBQ remoulade to add tangy sweetness. So frickin’ good!

What’s your biggest pet peeve? 

I’m pretty mellow, so nothing really drives me completely bonkers. But it is annoying when drivers don’t use their turn signals. It’s just disrespectful.

About the Author:

ABealerBioPicture (2)
Aimee Bealer


Aimee had a hard time staying in one place after she traveled to France as an exchange student at seventeen. She has lived in Baltimore, Hartford, Cincinnati, East Anglia, Seoul, and London. In London she clubbed a hot Brit over the head and dragged him home to America. Now the mother of two dual citizens, Aimee lives with her husband and children in Maryland.

Find her here:
Twitter: @BealerAimee
Amazon buy link

About her newest Book:
(click on cover to go to amazon page)
Amazon Book Cover Image
Pronouncing Enzo

Hester Hastings is the best dialect coach in Hollywood. The hottest actors pay her top dollar to help them master accents that will wow the critics. She would never offer free lessons to an ex-con from South Central L.A. and let him live in her pool cabana…until her best friend challenges her to a crazy bet.

In only three months, Hester must transform the ex-con so he can dazzle Hollywood royalty posing as an up-and-coming British actor.

Enzo Diaz just got out of jail. He is determined to get a good job and turn his life around. But with a criminal record and an accent straight from the streets, his job prospects aren’t looking good. When Hester offers to polish his English and give him a place to stay it’s a no-brainer. Enzo is desperate for a chance at a better life.

Hester didn’t count on finding out Enzo’s rough exterior hides a heart of gold. But just when she starts to fall for him, she discovers his shocking secret.

Forget winning the bet. Does Hester have the courage to win at love?


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