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Author of the Week – A Guest Post by Ken Welsch

Crapping on Grammar, and the Non-Science of Song Writing

An old college friend who plays guitar in a band texted me recently asking if I wanted to visit his new house, have a few beers and goof around with writing a new song. It’s something we used to have fun with back in college. Back then, I would just pass along a poem I’d written in a poetry class, and my friend would pick up his guitar and try put the words to song.

Never was I writing the words for the purpose of them being sung.

Anyway, we hadn’t seen each other in a while, so I spent three hours in the car looking forward to the evening and hoping a few lines would pop to mind to get us started. Nothing.

When I got there, he toured me around his home on Omena Lake and we sat for a while catching up the way people do. A couple of beers turned into a couple more, and eventually we got around to trying to write a new song. Writing alongside somebody else was new to me, and I have to admit it didn’t generate great results. It was fun trying, but not real productive.

When I left the next morning, the pages in the notebook I’d brought along were still blank. I wasn’t disappointed in our failure because it didn’t really matter. All the same, I spent the three-hour drive home thinking about the evening, the lake and our attempts to write lyrics for a song. And I had an idea. By the end of the weekend, I wrote some lyrics and texted them to my friend, with the note: “I don’t usually like to crap on grammar but I like the way the title sounds.”

His reply was perfect: “That seems like the perfect reason to crap on grammar.”

I’m looking forward to hearing what he does with “Me and the Moon and Omena,” if he ever manages to do anything with it. If not, it doesn’t really matter. And if the song is ever something that can be heard outside of his living room, I’ll be sure and share a link.

Me and the Moon and Omena

A light wind licks blinks of lake-top sun

Chases eyes from my face and continues its run

When the wind’s gone, it’s gone, like the song I can’t write

Me and the moon and Omena will write it tonight

A single cloud crawls on an eastward travel

Feigning stories of storms before it unravels

The cloud breaks and scatters like the song I can’t write

Me and the moon and Omena will write it tonight


The sun stares down from its blue couch above me

Feeds me the need to glean something from nothing

I wrestle til light fades on the song that I write

Me and the moon and Omena wrote this one tonight

About the Author:

SONY DSCKen Welsch


Ken Welsch has worked as a writer in southeast Michigan since 1994. As a news reporter, his work has been published in numerous publications, including the Detroit News, Bay City Times and News-Herald. He has also worked as a copywriter for ad agencies for Ford Motor Company, The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press.

Born and raised in southeast Michigan, Ken studied journalism and creative writing at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, a campus and town that provided the inspiration for the fictional Great Lakes University and Wanishing in “Forever Since An Apple.”

He currently lives in suburban Detroit with his wife and their three children.

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Reality TV stardom. Garage band dreams. Through the lens of his camera, news photographer Daniel Evart sees a world in which opportunities are evident and success is clearly defined. If only life was

that simple.Set on a fictional college campus in northwestern Michigan, FOREVER SINCE AN APPLE tells the story of how Daniel struggles with early-adulthood confusion and learns to define his own measures of success.

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