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An Interview with Author of the Week B.J. Knapp

What was your inspiration to start (and keep) writing?

I used to write songs.  They were mostly about my dating debacles of my early 20s.  But I always felt kind of confined by what I could fit into the rhythm and length of a song.  I wanted something longer, but not everyone can get away with a song as long as Alice’s Restaurant or American Pie.  So I came up with an idea for my first novel.  It wasn’t great.  But I kept working at it.  That novel is in a drawer, and I am working on other ones.  I am not afraid to admit that an idea was lousy.

Tell us a bit about the genre you write in and how it found you?

Everyone always says to write what you know.  But I kinda think that advice is lame.  If we all just wrote what we know, then we’d never stretch our imaginations and we’d never learn anything new.  I would rather write the book I’d want to read, then write what I know.  I already know what I know… why would I want to read about that?  The books I like to read are juicy memoirs and women’s fiction.  I don’t really have fodder for a juicy memoir, so women’s fiction it is!

Is there any author whom you’d admire and read every book they publish?  Who and why?

I haven’t read every single Janet Evanovich book, but I love her memoir “How I Write.”  I listen to it on audio book on occasion and she really kicks me in the butt and makes me want to write.  Her approach to her career has been very practical.  She learned everything she could about the industry and she busted her butt to make it.  You HAVE TO admire that.

If you watch TV what are your shows right now?

The one must-see show for me is Deadliest Catch.  I am an ocean junkie as a sailor and diver, and it’s amazing the drama that unfolds with a bunch of guys on crab fishing boats in the Bering Sea.  I also love Orange is the New Black, and I can’t wait for the next season.  My guilty pleasure is Pretty Little Liars.  I know!  It’s so bad.  I consider it junk food for my brain.

Do you have any talents other than writing that your fans maybe don’t know about?

I used to play guitar and sing in coffee houses in Boston, and Providence.  I also used to play on the street when I was doing my study abroad in Australia.  I also know how to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider in Swedish.

If you could go on vacation anywhere where would you choose and why?

The answer to this question largely depends on who is paying.  If someone else is paying, then either the Galapagos or the Maldives.  Oh, the diving to be done in those locales!   If I am paying, then I would also add Iceland to that list.  Iceland is the one place where you can dive between two tectonic plates.  How amazing does that sound?  I am not a sit on the beach and drink froofy drinks kind of a vacationer. I want to see all there is to see, above and below the water.

Do you have any writing rituals we should all start doing?

Yes. You know how dogs turn three circles before they lie down?  I totally turn three circles before I sit down to write.  No, seriously, the biggest ritual is making time.  If you say you don’t have time to write, then I challenge you to keep a journal of how you spend every minute of every day for a week.  You will find holes where you can make time.  Watching TV?  Turn it off and write.

What is your favorite movie? & then book to movie?

I have lots of favorite movies.  But I think the one that I can turn on anytime and laugh my head off at is Anchorman.  I often text my husband Anchorman quotes to make him laugh during the day.  One of the best book to movie adaptations I have ever seen is Memoirs of a Geisha.  It was exactly as I had imagined it when I read the book 8 million times.

What are three foods you can’t live without?

Ice cream.  Or anything dairy.  I love my spinach, broccoli, cauli and carrot omelette I make every morning.  I also love Indian food.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Lately I’ve been hearing people say “your guyses” instead of “yours.”  Like, “When your guyses house is built we need to throw a party.”  Um… no.  “guyses” is not a word, people.  It makes my teeth itch.  Another big peeve is whistling with the radio off key.  Just jam a coat hanger into my ear drum.  Please, I am begging you.

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B.J. Knapp


BJ Knapp’s novel Beside the Music is available on (click the book title to go to amazon) .

When she’s not trying to tame ideas into future novels, she’s scuba diving, sailing and hiking with her husband and her dogs. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband Todd.

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Thank you, BJ SO much for participating in my Author of the Week!!  I’ve loved having you!

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