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Aimee is the author of the upcoming release Little Gray Dress. She writes romantic comedy/Chick Lit (it’s not a bad word, she swears it!)

When she’s not writing you can find her reading, obsessively cleaning, redecorating her house, shopping online, working with authors and spending time with her family. She lives in Montana with her husband and three teenagers. That’s right, three teens, don’t be surprised when you discover she’s lost a bit of her mind. She’s been married practically 20 years and has way too many pets.

Besides novels, she also writes bitchy thoughts for The Huffington Post and HelloGiggles.

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About Me in 25 facts.

I’m Aimee – I live in Montana.
I’m not happy with the way this Presidential election landed.
I am addicted to coffee.
I have 3 kids, teens, ages 18, 17 & 13.
I’ve been married almost 20 years.
I guess that makes me not 29 years old, damn it.
I hate to shop but am a bit of a shopaholic, stores not online bring out the road rage in me.
I love to decorate and redecorate my house.
I hate cooking.
I work as an author assistant/PR and run a small business with my husband as well.
I love technology.
My favorite TV right now is Friends, The Good Place, This is Us, Drunk History, Say Yes to the Dress (anything wedding, really), HGTV.
I love 90’s rom/coms: Sleepless in Seattle, While you were Sleeping, Father of the Bride.
I sometimes have a mouth that could make a sailor blush.
I’ve lived all over the USA in the last six-ish years. (Oregon, Nevada, Oklahoma & Montana – I’m originally from Oregon)
Teenagers are a pain in the ass.
I hate bugs, cooking, and teaching teens how to drive.
I *try* to be professional online… but because I can’t I’ve set up a personal Twitter. HA!
I don’t make friends quickly. I’m quiet at first until I know if you’re a psycho. (or maybe that’s me?)
I’m way too organized… it drives my family crazy.
I clean my house like a mad woman and I know if anything is out of place.
I have an autoimmune disease.
I may or may not have a severe case of OCD and perfectionism… it makes some things uh, difficult to say the least.
I finished 1/2 a bachelor’s degree in English lit/creative writing. I gave up because I wanted to be an author and didn’t see the point going 30k into debt to do that.


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