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A Love Story – Aimee & Corey

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(yes, that picture is us in 1995)

My husband and I have been married almost 20 years (19 in October).  That’s a long time.  I don’t think I talk about how we met very often but I should, it’s a great story.

It was a dreary, Oregon fall kind of day way back in late 1994.  There was a new kid at youth group that week and he was cute, quiet and shy (pretty much the exact opposite of me, besides the cute).  I had to meet him.  We chatted and I discovered I knew his family from our church and we became friends.  I had a boyfriend at the time so I couldn’t do much more than that.

It wasn’t long after that, that I no longer had a boyfriend and I ‘officially liked’ Corey.  But he was so shy that I was afraid to just be my loudmouth self and scare him off. So I sent the word out with friends that I was ‘into him’.  I laugh just thinking about this because back then, we had no cell phones or social media so we had to flirt either in person, or through persons.

To my surprise, one day the office assistant had an out of class request for me.  I figured my parents needed to tell me something.  But no, Corey has tracked down this office assistant and sent him to ask if I might go out with him if he asked.  Ha!  Of course I said yes but a question through a mutual friend with no plans was just a question, not a date.  So I was waiting… again.  First a month, then two then finally as I was driving through town I saw him at the gas station and I sped into the spot in front of his, cornered him and blatantly started my interrogation conversation.

Me: ‘So I heard you wanted to ask me out.’
Him: ‘Yup.’
Me: patiently waiting for the ‘asking out part’.
Me: ‘Well… what are you waiting for?  Are we going out or not?’
Him: (not running away) ‘Sure – how about Friday night?  I can pick you up at 7 for the basketball game?’
Me: ‘I’ll meet ya there.’ (I lived next door to the school, picking me up was pointless.)

So, we met at the game on Friday.  But about 20 minutes in one of his friends came in asking for his assistance.  Corey has one of the bigger ‘mudding’ trucks in town and a friend needed saving from a mud pit.  I, not knowing what I was getting into, went with.

Little did I realize that we’d also end up stuck, having to have someone find a rescuer for us too.  Curfew was coming up and Corey sent me home with another friend who’s truck was not sinking in the mudpit.  We’ve been together ever since.

Wow!!  Now that is a story for romance.  We were planning to get married in the Summer of 1998 in Las Vegas but we got a surprise before hand and ended up moving the wedding up to a lovely 10 minute court house wedding in October of 1997, just five months before our now 18 year old son Brentan, joined our new family.  3 kids later and we’re still happy, don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some rough spots.  But we’ve worked through them and are still very happily married.

In exchange for a bouquet of beautiful flowers from their Anniversary line this post was inspired by ProFlowers


The flowers were gorgeous!  They arrived timely and it was fun to get flowers boxed that you got to clip and arrange yourself.
I wish they lasted forever!!  And, of course my husband took credit for them whenever I mentioned them.  😉
After almost 20 years of marriage, you’ll do what you have to for flowers!

This post was was inspired by ProFlowers

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